Frequently asked questions

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Which Suburbs do you deliver too?

We deliver real Christmas trees across most Melbourne suburbs and have also opened a new location in Brisbane this year. Check out our locations page to see if we deliver to your suburb. Otherwise we offer pick from our retail sites.

When do you deliver the Christmas Tree?

Delivery dates for your Christmas Tree are as below. You can pick your day on the cart page once you have selected your tree.

Melbourne: Delivering every day from 25th November until 15th December or until sold out!

Brisbane: Delivering from 1st December till the 4th December.

Our delivery hours range between 8am and 7pm depending on the route for the day. We will notify you 2 days prior with a 2hr delivery window and you can track your real Christmas tree live using our app.

Do i have to be home when the Elves arrive?

If you cant be home we are happy to leave the live Christmas tree somewhere safe. This may not be possible if you live in an apartment building. Just let us know any special instructions and our elves will look after you.Good news is we will give you a 2 hour window when we plan to deliver the tree and live tracking of our arrival time. That way you don't have to wait around for us.

Will you collect my tree after Christmas?

Yes for sure, we offer a collection and recycling service to all our customers. We begin our collections during the first week of January. All you need to do is leave the live Christmas tree on your nature strip and we will take care of it from there, or purchase our removal service and we will take it from inside.

When do i have to order my tree by?

We are happy to take orders up till  12pm the day before the delivery day, however we have limited spots available each day so check out our real Christmas tree sales page to see whether your date is available.

What if i need to change my order or delivery day?

We will accept changes to your order or delivery day up to 24 hours prior to your delivery date at no cost. Just call, text, or email us and we will sort you out.

I'm not happy with the look of my tree, can i replace it?

We encourage our customers to wait 4-6 hours after delivery to let the branches settle as the trees are laid on top of each other in the delivery van. Watering will help speed this process up too.

However if this doesn't help then please get in touch with us to sort out a refund or replacement. We endeavour to ensure that all our trees are of the highest quality and our customers are happy so please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Do i need a stand for my Christmas Tree?

Yes, we have stands for sale which we will deliver with the Trees. We sell Cinco stands, which are industry standard and can be filled with water to keep your tree fresh and smelling great!

How long with a Real Christmas Tree last?

This is the age old question, and depends largely on how well you care for the tree. Keeping water up to it each day and keeping it out of direct sunlight are the main factors. See our tips for caring for your tree to ensure it has the best fighting chance. With proper care our trees will comfortably last over 4 weeks and outlast your Christmas celebrations. If you think the tree has died prematurely despite your best efforts, please give us a call and we are happy to help you out.

How do i make my tree last longer?

There are a few things that you can do to ensure the tree lasts until Christmas and beyond. Check out our tips here. Key is to water it every day and keep it out of direct sunlight.

Are the Christmas Trees high quality?

Absolutely, we have spent many hours pruning and caring for these trees over their 3-5 year lifespan. Our retail trees are hand picked as the cream of the crop so you can rest easy know we are looking after you. If you are not happy with we will do our best to refund of replace the tree. Buy a live Christmas tree delivered to Melbourne & Brisbane!

Are Real Christmas Tree Sustainable?

Our trees are sustainable sourced from our local farm in Victoria, which has been re-purposed from cattle farming. Real Trees are a renewable resource unlike their plastic counterparts, and we replace every tree which is sold on the farm with a new one.

If that isnt enough....we have our Sustainability Promise....where wer commit to being carbon neutral by 2025!

What is our refund policy?

We are striving for the best possible customer to service to ensure that you feel safe and secure when shopping with us. Christmas is a stressful enough time of year so let us take a little bit of that off your plate. 

Check out our policies page for a full run down.