Caring for your Christmas Tree

Caring for your Christmas Tree

We all know the anxiety of wondering whether your Christmas Tree will last till the big day. Most of us have been there, we had the best intentions but still out tree didn’t quite make it.

Is it something i did wrong? Didn’t i water it enough? What could i have done differently?

Well lucky for you there is no secret science behind keeping your Christmas tree alive. With some pretty simple steps you can dramatically improve the life of your tree.

Keep your tree stump fresh

  • The sap of the Christmas tree can create a seal which limits water absorption, and shortens the life of your tree.
  • Cut the trunk fresh when you get your Christmas tree home to ensure maximum water absorption.
  • If your not setting up immediately, keep the stump submerged in water or you may need to repeat this process.
  • This seal will start to form after setting up if you don’t keep the water topped up, so avoid needed to repeat this process after decorating by following the steps below!

Water your tree, again and again and again

  • Set up your Christmas Tree as soon as possible after we deliver it (and cut the stump fresh), then fill the stand with water.
  • The first few days are critical, the tree will be very thirsty so you may need to top up the stand a couple of times a day. If the tree is not drinking then that may be a sign your stump has sealed over and needs a fresh cut.
  • Ensure you top up the water each day or so, this will ensure you get the longest life out of your Christmas tree
  • Keep the stump submerged in water, if the stump is exposed it will immediately start to create a seal.

 Don’t place your tree in direct heat

  • The Australian summer can be harsh on the trees, so we recommend getting your Christmas tree inside and set up away from direct sunlight if you can avoid it, or keep the blinds down during the day.
  • Hopefully you don’t need them in summer but also keep away from fireplaces, gas heaters, heating ducts, etc.
  • If we have particularly hot weather just ensure you are keeping the water filled to the brim! Air con will also contribute to drying out your Christmas tree, so be vigilant.
  • Normally a Christmas tree will dry from the inside, if you notice significant browning on the tips its likely due to a heat source.

Unfortunately with live trees you can just be unlucky sometimes. So if you followed all these steps diligently and your tree didn’t last longer than a couple of weeks, contact where you bought it from. They may replace the tree for you for free 🙂

Safety hint: A fresh tree is a safe tree, so following these steps will reduce your risk of anything bad happening. But as an added step we recommend inspecting your Christmas Tree lights before installing, and never leave your lights when you leave the house or go to bed!

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