Selecting the Perfect Christmas Tree

Selecting the Perfect Christmas Tree

We all love that nervous excitement when we arrive at the Christmas Tree farm and the kids run around searching for the Perfect tree!

Then the indecisiveness kicks in….

There are just too many good options, should i get this short stumpy one, or the tall skinny one, or this bushy one. How do i know if it fresh? What is the best shape? Will it fit in the house?

Well don’t stress because we have collected some helpful tips to ensure you make the right decision this year! We see 1000’s of trees each year so we have become pretty in tune to what makes up the perfect tree!

First tip…Ensure it fits in your house:

  • Trees come in all shapes and sizes, with the most popular usually between 5-8ft tall. Pick your space before you arrive and have a rough idea of what height will suit you house.
  • For smaller apartments with limited spare we recommend a 5ft tree as they are usually a year younger and much skinnier as a result.
  • For a larger apartment or small house then a 6ft is our most popular option, they are beautiful and bushy and will look fantastic in any space.
  • For a larger space with standard ceiling heights then splash out and get a 7ft tree. These will be the perfect centrepiece and sure to impress your guests!
  • If you are lucky enough to have high ceilings and a wide corner then an 8ft tree might be for you! I recommend getting one of these delivered and getting someone strong to help you install it! (You will thank me later)

A fresh tree will smell the best and last the longest, here’s how to pick if a tree is fresh:

  • The nettles on the tree should be green and moist if its freshly cut, and shouldn’t fall off easily. Give your tree a shake to test them out.
  • Look for browning on the tips of your Christmas tree, this is a good sign its got a little too much sun in transit and will not recover with any amount of water.
  • Smell your tree, if you can’t smell that fresh pine fragrance then you are not getting a fresh tree. Ask if the Christmas trees are fresh cut each day and delivered direct from the farm.
  • The stump of your tree is another give away, just check out to see how fresh the Sap looks. If the stump looks like it has dried up or its covered in dirt then request to have a fresh cut or do it yourself when you get home.

 Make sure you pick a bushy tree, it will hold your decoration best!

  • In Australia we mostly sell Radiata Pine trees, which are best when they are thick and bushy. This makes it the perfect canvas for your decorations.
  • If a Christmas tree has been pruned to perfection, it will have that full look without any visible gaps between branches. We recommend having a hand span between the upper branches to provide the right look.
  • Keep in mind that the side facing the sun will always be more bushy, so when you get home spin the tree around to pick the best side.
  • Christmas Trees are usually transported stacked on their side in the truck, so look out for damage caused during transportation. A good way to tell is to give the tree a good shake to settle the branches, and if they start to settle then you should be ok. If any look overly squashed then go for another tree.

We hope that these tips help take the anxiety out of picking a tree this year!

Just remember, the perfect tree is the one that you decorate and enjoy with your family and friends. So go make a day of it and create some great memories in the process!

If you live in Melbourne, then you can rest easy by visiting our location or letting us deliver to your door. We hand pick our delivery trees and guarantee you will like it or we will find a replacement!

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